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What’s happening in and around your property? Bugs, ants, roaches, scorpions, rats, mice, or pigeons making you crazy? We CAN help!

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Get a Free Estimate – Pest Control Services for the valley of Las Vegas, including Henderson, Summerlin for Termites, Ants, Roaches, Rodents, Scorpions, Pigeons and other Nuisance Pests. Call us to schedule a no-coast, no obligation estimate! 

Exterminate Spiders by Contacting Realty Pest in Las Vegas

Spiders (of the real kind)

No doubt, the desert climate of of Southern Nevada brings many types of spiders to  Las Vegas communities. Some are harmless, but some are poisonous. If you see big spiders, small spiders, indoors or outdoors, maybe it’s better if you call the professionally tained and certified technicians at Realty Pest Services.

Pigeon Control from Realty Pest Services Las Vegas

Say Good Riddance to Plgeons

Pigeon control is a specialty within the field of pest control. Realty Pest Services is experienced in pigeon control. Pigeons can spread disease to humans and animals, usually through bird droppings. If you have an ongoing issue with pigeons on your property, give Realty Pest Services a call.

Realty Pest Services Las Vegas Gets Rid of Rats and Rodents

We Give a Rats' Pass!

“Pass” meaning “Dead”, not a pass to get to the front of the line. Let’s face it, if you’ve lived in the desert for a while, you’ve probably seen a rat or two, or more. After all, they were here first. But, not to worry, Realty Pest Services uses traps and bait that causes them to dehydrate and pass on without the smell. There are several types of rats and mice in our region, some are field rats, while others are tree rats…and can even find their way into your hime. Realty Pest Services can help reduce or eliminate them from and around your home.

Training and Educational Programs for

Realty Pest Services has training and educational programs for Realtors, Property Managers and Homeowners Associations (HOA)  on subjects such as Pest Control, Termite Inspections and Nuisance Pigeon Control. Realty Pest Services would be happy to attend a meeting for your company or association.
Call for more details. 
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Ants and Roaches

When the Ants Came Marching

And then there’s those other bugs that bug you, like ants and roaches. They seem to come from everywhere! Realty Pest Control puts a barroer around your property to keep these buggers from coming inside, but we’ll do the inside too, iff needed. Don’t let any pests bug you. Just contact us!

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